This is a small selection of B2B and SaaS marketing work that I've done, but it should give you an idea of the quality and versatility of my writing.

If you'd like to see other pieces of work, get in touch and I'll send you some links!


What You Need to Know Before You Pay for SEO Services

I've written a lot about digital marketing and SEO, and many people have found this particular article useful. It's a good example of an extensive treatment of a topic that people need advice on.


Calculating the ROI of Your Training Initiatives

You need to establish your authority. I can help with well-researched articles on complex topics that present information in concise, easily understandable ways.


What Is Sales Enablement?

If you're an expert on a topic, it can be difficult to make that topic accessible to people who aren't in your industry. I'll work with you to share your expertise in a way that's easy for everyone to understand.


Turning Superhero Movie Inspiration into Real-Life Action

When I'm given the chance to write creatively, I take full advantage of it. Topics like this aren't ones that you'll see often, but they're some of my favorite to write about. I feel like there's more of myself in these creative pieces than in others.


The Supervillain Sabotaging Your Productivity

I've written a lot about productivity, and this is another example of what happens when I'm given more creative control over my articles. I had a lot of fun with this one, and it shows.


Why Small Agencies Serve You Better than Large Ones

Much of my writing has been on the topics of remote and agency work. In this article, I translate the knowledge I've gained from my career into insights like those shared in this article.