Non-profit writing and editing

I got my professional start in the non-profit world, and that world is still very important to me. Because I want to help your organization reach its audience, I offer all of my services to non-profits at a 20% discount. Custom projects will also be priced at a reduced rate.


I understand your audience.

Non-profit audiences are very different from the audiences of for-profit brands. Having worked in the non-profit world, I understand that. And while I may not have written for your audience specifically, I understand the type of people that you're looking to get in touch with.


I understand your voice.

The trendy thing for brands to do is to sound like one of their customers. It's very informal, even jocular. But that doesn't always work in the non-profit world. Sometimes you need to project calm authority and dignified purpose. I get that. And I'll work closely with you to ensure that all of the copy I produce uses the right voice for your organization.


I understand your budget.

No non-profit organization has tons of money to throw around. Which is why I offer a 20% discount on my non-profit writing and editing services.

Sound good? Let's chat about my non-profit writing and editing services and how I can help your organization better reach its audience. Send me an email and we'll talk