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B2B Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
for B2B SaaS Organizations

Content marketing and SEO are two parts of a cohesive whole. You need a solid keyword strategy and great writing skills to make them work together. It’s not an easy thing to do, but the rewards are great.

Here’s how I make sure your content is doing its job:


1. You provide me with analytics data on your site and content. We’ll see what’s working and what’s not (I can help you get this information, too.)


2. We’ll target some keywords that will help you drive traffic. A good mix of long- and short-tail keywords focused on your audience usually works best.


3. I’ll create a roadmap to help you boost your rankings. It’ll include new content, optimization of old content, and other SEO tactics. If you need help, I can create that content, too.


Where SEO belongs in your strategy

Your content needs to speak to readers before it targets search engines. That always comes first. If we work together on SEO, it’ll be part of a larger B2B SaaS content strategy for maximum effectiveness.

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